Welcome to the Monastery of Red Hearts, MONARH.

Restaurant Monarh is located in the more than 125 years old monastery of the missionaries of ‘The Sacred Hearts’, also known as ‘Red Hearts’.

In 2013, the construction of restaurant Monarh started in the former kitchen of the Red Heart missionaries. More than one year later in December 2014, the restaurant opened its doors and presented itself with an eccentric architectural look, with a view of the open kitchen.

Be surprised by the culinary arts of our chef Paul Kappé and his kitchen brigade. Restaurant Monarh runs a French cuisine with worldwide modern influences.
Delicious matching wines are presented by our sommelier Ralph Kappé and his service brigade.

An established concept, in a top location with free private parking, terrace and park in the city heart of Tilburg, The Netherlands.

View our impression video of the restaurant.

Christmas at Restaurant Monarh

Perhaps the most beautiful period of the year.
When we think of Christmas, we think of cozy Christmas lights and Christmas decorations, a warm feeling and a cozy get-together with family, friends and/or loved ones.

But we also think of gifts and surprises!

Our kitchen brigade will gladly surprise you during the Christmas season with a 4-course Christmas lunch or a 6-course Christmas dinner.

4-course Christmas surprise lunch

6-course Christmas surprise dinner

Availability during Christmas season per 3-11:

First Christmas day:
Lunch: Only a few tables available.
Dinner: One table available for 8-14 couvert.

Boxing day:
Lunch: Only a few tables available.
Dinner: Two tables available: one for 2-4 couvert and one for 8-14 couvert.

Opening hours after Christmas:
Open for dinner on Friday 28th & Saturday 29th of December.

Sunday, December 30, 2018 through Thursday, January 3, 2019 closed.

Opened again with our regular opening hours from Friday 4 January.