En dan is het eindelijk zover: ‘Menu du Monarh’

‘Menu du Monarh’, our 8 course menu. The menu that we have worked on for more than 2 years. A menu full of emotion, love and passion for gastronomy. Everything revolves around two things: taste and experience.

To ensure quality, the menu is only available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We can, however, sometimes make an exception for Fridays and Saturdays. We are happy to receive reservations for Menu du Monarh only by phone, no later than 72 hours in advance due to preperations.

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An appetizer based on all 5 flavors: Bitter, Umami, Sweet, Salt and Sour. We will let you taste all flavors separately, then together. This way we would like you to optimally experience the importance of flavor combinations.

Quantum Levitation
A levitating appetizer based on herring, avocado and caviar.

カ キ ²
Which in Japanese stands for oyster ². 2 presentations of oyster.

Eat & Drink
Do we eat the drink, or drink the food?

Steak tartare
Steak tartare table preparation in the non-traditional way.

Morning dawn
Imagine sitting in the morning dawn on a beautiful winter morning in the forest. What do you feel?
Now add a preparation of scallops and mushrooms.

Surf & Turf
A fight between a lobster and a pork.

Pièce de résistance
The Anjou pigeon welcomes you in the purest form of France.…but in Tilburg.

Foie gras
Refined flavors of goose liver with lychee.

After ‘Eight’
Do you remember the after eight cookies? We do! It’s a part of our youth. As a tribute to our youth we present to you:
The ‘After Eight’ explosion effect: An explosion of pure chocolate with mint and yuzu.


Prices Menu du Monarh

Menu du Monarh 8 – course dinner € 129,-

Menu du Monarh 8 – course dinner € 219,- all-in

Menu du Monarh 5 – course lunch € 89,-

With lunch, the dishes ‘Eat & Drink’, ‘Surf & Turf’ and ‘Foie gras’ will be canceled.

Please contact us by phone for reservations and more information about our Menu du Monarh.